What does Juniper Island mean to you and your family?


For over eight generations, Juniper Island has been the heart of Stony Lake. It is the gathering place where we laugh, sail, learn, swim, dance, serve, split an ice cream, paddle, and share our history.

Regatta Day on Juniper (ca. 1905)

Regatta Day on Juniper (ca. 1905)

“I came on to the lake in the late 40s and have been returning ever since. To me, Juniper is the heart of the lake where life-lasting friendships are made… I vividly remember square dances with Jim Burns calling and the Leahy family providing the music. As a result, the Store became a very important place for us growing up. My days sailing with everyone out of the Yacht Club are still etched in my memory. I still treasure the spoons I won in the races. I would hate to see us lose these very important landmarks...” 

- Swatty Wotherspoon



The Ties to Our Heritage

Dating back to 1887 and 1911, respectively, the Juniper Island Store and the Stony Lake Yacht Clubhouse (SLYC), with its extensive docks, have been vital community pillars. These facilities have been used, recreationally and socially, by tens of thousands of members, guests, family and friends over the years.

“If Stony Lake is a community, then Juniper is its hub. Juniper has a long history: the first store played an important part of the American Canoe Association meet in 1897, and the photo of the store in 1900 looks almost the same as today’s edifice. The pavilion was built in 1896, and the minister was housed in what is now the Yacht Club. Some of this history is honoured in the Juniper Museum with new exhibits each year. Restoration of these heritage buildings is vital to keep the heart of our community beating strongly.”  Christie Bentham


Juniper Island Store - Progress Update!


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